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Shop has been updated with 3 NEW items for this weekend. Didn't want you guys to have FOMO so I created some great new items with an addition of a Fan-Fav making it super fun with your Season 2 4th Skill Trees Anointments. There will be no videos on these items as I'm currently working on the VIP Loot Channel. These items will ONLY be here this weekend. So if you want some new fun this weekend, collect them all. The grenade mod is super duper fun looking and feels like fireworks while dropping crazy money, the Thanos Deathless is an addition to the Thanos Build giving you the ability to use each of the Elemental Projector Artifacts to change up your playstyle and enhance your experience, if you are a Deathless player, you will WANT THIS ASAP, and the rendition of the breakfast flipper being brought back to life mixed in with some Alien proves to triple your excitement this weekend. The shop will close Saturday night PST time to get ready for the XMAS Horror Build #2 next weekend. So if you want some new additive fun this weekend, this is for you. <3

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