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Thank you all for the support, the shop is about to be sold out this weekend. We are about to be out of inventory. If you would like anything, don't hold back, now is the time to get the items you would like. More than half these items will not be returning next week. Newer items will be available next week with the new build items and I will be giving more discounts on bundles next week. Still, there will be single items for you to pick and choose whatever you would like next week as well, you have the freedom to shop however you like. Thank you for continue being patient, we are currently delivering the last of these orders. We see each and everyone of you and we will get to you. All orders will be fulfilled by tomorrow night. Hold tight, we got you. Thanks again. <3


I have something super amazing planned for next week items, the "Avatar x Borderlands 3" crossover will be my best yet. Can't wait to show you guys later this week how powerful you can become to enhance your gameplay experience. Also, how do I put this, let me try to explain: EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW IS DISCOUNTED.

We went from weapons being $8 to $6, and class mods being $15 to $10. Bundles will be coming back next weekend because of the builds for each character. If I bundled the weapon, shield, artifact, and grenade mod with already what's discounted that's $30 for the "Avatar Build", attaching the "Dark Avatar Class Mods" will make this bundle $40. That's too much of me to ask for from you guys. Without the discounted prices that would of been $48 for the "Avatar Build" and $63 for the "Dark Avatar Build". I will KEEP ALL DISCOUNTED PRICES.

The only reason why I'm bundling it is because you guys will probably have a hard time trying to figure out how to pair these new items, so I'm making easier for you. With that being said, ALL DISCOUNTED PRICES ARE PERMANENT.

BUT, I can do better for you guys. I WILL DISCOUNT THE DISCOUNT on the Bundle items even more lol. So, the bundled "Avatar Build" will be $25, and the "Dark Avatar Build" will be $35. One more thing, EVERY ITEM will be single as well so you can pick and choose, you don't need to buy the bundles in particular, you have the freedom to shop as you please.

These items will unlock your entire character's avatar state and dark avatar state in Borderlands 3. I was working with Glitching Queen last night and she unlocked a special talent within my soul and I was able to create some monster items. I have not made any items like this thus far. This is an entire new method of Crafting and that's why she's the Queen and I am the King. After, she broke my program last night, something amazing came out of it, and I took a picture and sent it to her and SHE SAID, "OMMMMGGGGG, what is that? That LOOKSSSS SSSOOOOO AMMMAAZZIIINNNGGGG." I was like, "Girl, you have no clue, what just happened?" lol. It's was a great time last night which means more amazing fun for you guys. Can't wait to show you more.

Okay, will all that being said, Please continue to be patient as your current orders are still be delivered. We are almost done delivering, remember we have until tomorrow night to complete all orders. Love you guys, headed back to work. Have an amazing day. <3

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