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Hey Everyone! I have a lot of reoccurring customers from week to week. Even though we have the Loot Rewards Program and you guys are getting FREE Loot every other week with that Program and the items are already discounted. I'm going to slash the prices of all items and bundles to help you guys out further. Going into this I didn't expect everyone to want everything in the shop from week to week. I just thought you guys would just buy couple of items per week and a bundle for your characters, but you guys are buying everything every week. This is not fair for your pockets and I want to help. I always have you guys in mind. So moving forward next week, here are the new prices starting 01/14/2021:

  1. Weapon $7 down from $8

  2. Grenade Mod $8 down from $10

  3. Shield $8 down from $10

  4. Artifact $8 down from $10

  5. Class Mod $10 down from $15

  6. BUNDLES (5 items) $35 down from $40

THERE WILL ALSO BE NO TAX GOING FORWARD AS WELL ON ALL ITEMS AND BUNDLES STARTING 01/14/2021. I will take the hit on taxes and just pay it myself instead of charging you guys for it. Some states might give me a penalty for not charging taxes in that state but I'm willing to pay the penalties at the end of the year so you guys can save money since you are BUYING from WEEK to WEEK.

Also, with no taxes and these new prices it will save you guys tons of money per week AND still give you enough points every time you buy so you can keep earning those points for the LOOT REWARDS PROGRAM.

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