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Off to a Great Start!

The shop has been live for only 12 hours now and you guys are absolutely amazing with the orders. I see all of your orders and messages. Remember, I will get to you in the order your order was placed but I will get to 100% of all of you. Also, delivery can be anywhere between instant to 5 days. I am working as fast and I can to get to everyone the same day they placed their order. Keep in mind this is an in-game service so both of us needs to be online at the same time. I understand everyone has a different schedule and can't be online nearly as much that's why I adjusted mine to be near available 24/7 for you. Don't worry I will get to everyone just continue to be patient, it will be worth it. Also, I'm getting messages if they can join my lobby over level 1 for example level 17 and YES you can, you don't have to be level 1 to join. Just whatever character you would like to be maxed out on. Thank you guys for all the continued support and you will be getting your invites soon. <3

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