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Hey loves,

The shop is still seeing about 1000% more traffic everyday and I appreciate you all for that. I have some amazing news for you all. There will be a NEW Tiny Tina Wonderlands Package Service that will be available starting next Friday. The shop will NOT open this weekend in preparation for that event.

There will be modded items for your characters in these packages and NOT handcrafted items. This will be explained in the coming YouTube video next week before the shop reopens on Friday April 29th. There also will be a MAGICAL ITEM available with these experience packages. Trust me 100% of you will want this MAGICAL ITEM. There's nothing like it. It's beyond amazing. Can't wait to show you more.

Also, I have tested these Experience Packages with some of you guys that subscribed to me on Xbox and PS just to get some feedback. Testing is super important to me. 100% of both players on both consoles 100% said they would pay for a service like this because it's just unbelievable. The first girl say, "Oh My, Oh My, Oh MY GOD!" and the second guy said, "WOW! I'm Impressed, Look at all this Gold, there is Gold Everywhere! I love it!" This is based on real-life reactions. I didn't tell them anything before-hand other than- would you like to help me with something? I surprised them with this experience and they want MORE! So, they will be putting in some orders next week when it's available.

Then I asked, what was your favorite part of the experience and they said, "in truth, they loved the entire thing from beginning to end." This made me happy because I'm always looking for ways to always enhance your fun and gameplay experience.

Can't wait to showcase these experience packages and modded items along with the MAGICAL item in next week YouTube video before the shop reopens. Exciting Times ahead!

Love you all,


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