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New Package Added! Shop is Open!

Hey Loves,

Shop is now OPEN! A new package has been added to the "TTW Services" which contains 58 new modded items "Weapons Package 1" there is also some Level 1 items in this package to help enhance your fun and rank up with the new 7th class being added soon called "Blight Caller." This package is on discount as well and don't forget to use your Loot Rewards to chop those prices down. Save enough Loot Points and you could get these packages and other items for FREE! The more you shop, the more you save, and the more you get back.

This package also comes with an "Infinite Legendary Drops Lobby" in the Chaos Chamber at your discretion. You can take it if you would like or pass on the experience and just collect the items or both. It's up to you. But whatever you need I am here.

The showcase video of this package will go live on YouTube tomorrow but you can order now if you are excited to make sure your order is secured and ready for delivery. Have a great day. <3

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