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NEW ITEMS Tomorrow!

Hey Loves,

Exciting times ahead again. We have Steam Release of TTW tomorrow. There will also be a new "Weapons Package 1" for Tiny Tina Wonderlands in the shop. Even more exciting news, the final class have been revealed (BlightCaller) to us with a release date of somewhere around July 21st with DLC 4 aka PLC 4. I have some more surprises for you all in the shop as well.

For the "Weapons Package 1" being released in the shop tomorrow about 58 new items: weapons, shields, and spells with the "Infinite Legendary Lobby Drops Experience" if you would like. This package will be $45. I'm hoping to have the YouTube video out by Friday but items will go live Thursday night.

Love you all and let's have some fun again. <3

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