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New D4 Services Available!

Hey Loves, Hope all is well. The hype for Season 2 in Diablo 4 will soon be heating up. A. Fletcher said 1st week of October will be S2 Campfire streams as soon as that happens the hype train will leave the station. All Aboard! I cannot stress enough if you still play this game that it's super important that you get your characters in S1 close to Level 100 as possible. Yes, we will be able to target farm Uber Uniques with the 5 endgame bosses in S2 but we will also be able to do it in eternal realm. When your Level 100 S1 character goes to the eternal realm in S2 you will want that character to be as powerful as possible to take on these 5 endgame bosses for these Uber Uniques Drops.

Nevertheless, I have a new service in the shop for Uber Varshawn and Warthful Heart carries. It's awesome to see you guys using your Loot Rewards to get FREE services in the shop. I will always do what I can for you the most. Until next BLOG update have a great day and start of your weekend.

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