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More Help Soon!

Hey guys, thanks for being so patient with me and getting your orders delivered. Every order is still on track to be delivered by tomorrow night PST. My nephew just graduated high school and because of co-vid colleges are closed. He is a gamer as well. I have been training him today on how to deliver orders. In about 2-3 weeks he will be helping me deliver orders on the weekend. So, you will see a new gamertag/PSN ID sending you my items. I will post it here in the shop his PSN ID/Gamertag when that time comes so you know who it is. Please do not accept any friend request from people you don't know. I don't want anyone scamming you guys and pretending to be me. I have trained him on logistics and he signed an NDA, so please don't ask him questions because he will not answer or probably don't know the answer. All he knows is how to send items, messages, and close out orders to move unto the next person. This is awesome because it would give the shop some more time to be opened as we will take on just a few more orders before we sell out. I'm trying to get to as many people as I can as fast as I can. So, hopefully this little help will go a long way for everyone. Thanks again and your orders will be completed soon. Love you guys, have a great night. <3

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