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Hey guys. First of all, you all are AMAZING! About 3 weeks ago, I opened up a new payment method for you guys to instant-purchase with a debit/credit card using wix payments. Wix payments is giving me a hard time to release 3 weeks of work of payments to me, it's nearly impossible. Until Wix does the right thing and actually release my payments we are ONLY using PayPal again. Honestly, PayPal is so much better. I am verified on PayPal as a merchant and I have passed all their background and financial checks within 2 hours and Wix is holding me up by 11 days now.

If you are shopping in my store which the shop opens in 2 days, I urge you to make a PayPal. Honestly, it's so good and it's FREE, all it requires is an email and how you would like to pay, simple and easy. No hassles! PayPal is recognized worldwide as one of the best services to handle your financial needs especially when it comes to shopping, that's why places like Target, Best Buy, and other major outlets are now using PayPal as a payment method. Once your account is created, it's easy as 1,2,3 to purchase whatever you would like. I highly encourage you to get a PayPal, even if it's not for my shop but for you to be able to have another way to shop around the internet.

Thanks again for your time and have a great day. Much Love, JUG.

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