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Hey guys, good day. Couple of Things:

1. In good conscious, I will not be releasing the Freddy Krueger weapon. My morals of pricing a glitchy weapon is not me, even FREE is too much. As much as the weapon's performance and feel goes, its super fun but that one little bug has me going crazy. Even though its a small glitch, I consider it broken. I cannot do that to you and I cannot do that to me. I have too much of a good heart to not give you 100% quality items at all times. However, I will not leave you stranded so below is a little clip of what would of been the Freddy's Terror weapon. If I can fix it, I'll bring it back sometime. I have already been working hard on a new replacement character. <3

2. It has been brought to my attention that the PC side of my shop with the release of my save files, some people are taking advantage and re-crafting my days work in minutes and making minor changes and reselling it on eBay to try and undercut me lol. Even though I feel honored that folks are enjoying my items and just reselling what I craft goes to show the impact of my handcrafted items. There can ONLY be one EVILxJUG, people can see right through what these people are doing. For example, I'm giving other people content and business with them copying and reselling my items. So, if I stopped uploading or creating for a month they would go crazy because I'm leading the charge lol. Basically like Eminem said, "without me, there's no them" lol. I'm happy I'm inspiring others but this is not the way to do it. Console exclusivity will now be a thing moving forward, so the PC side of my store will get my save files for a price and will have to wait 30 days from that item(s) release. Nevertheless, like Denzel Washington says, "it's all love baby." :)

3. Can't wait to showcase the "Horror Movies x Borderlands 3" crossover this Friday at 6am PST. <3

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