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You guys are truly amazing, since the launch of the Loot Perks Rewards Programs you guys have generated 100,000 points in rewards for yourself equalling to tons of discounts and free loot within the shop. 30% of these points were already redeemed, so awesome. Remember to use your points to get your FREE Loot in my shop. I've made some changes to the points and how much you earn. All points already earned are still in your account. Instead of 10 points per every $1 spent its now 5 points for $1 spent. Since, it was my first thing launching this I didn't realize how much 10 points really was. I will always be transparent and 100% with you guys. Also, I've added a NEW way to EARN Loot Points and because all of you are so special to me. I've added a BDAY Rewards which you can claim for 1000 points for Free for a major discount in the shop and/or just free loot in the shop depending on your redemption. Thanks again for being so awesome to me and I will always treat you guys. You already know my motto, "Treat yo self, don't cheat yo self" lol. P.S. Your BDAY date needs to be in the system 30 days prior to your BDAY in order to redeem the BDAY Loot Points in the Loot Perks Rewards Program.

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