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I See Your Orders!

Hey guys. Thanks for supporting the shop. Quick Update: I see your orders and will be messaging you in a couple of hours so we can discuss delivery and make sure you get your order fulfilled. Yesterday, I delivered an order which took about 4 hours to deliver which this is normal for this game it's totally different from Borderlands. It's not in and out. Completely new game. The customer was extremely happy at the end. Tons of XP and Legendary items they accumulated in my lobby during those 4 hours.

Currently, I'm working on a way to try and cut some of that time down by 1/4 with the same amount of XP/Loot. Give me some time to get this right as I'm testing it now. This is important because you are my number one priority and your satisfaction.

I will be messaging you all that placed an order in a couple of hours. I see it and your order is secured and safe.

I want you to get the best experience shopping with me.

Thanks for understanding and talk to you very soon.

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