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WELCOME TO THE FRIGHT FEST! This Friday at 6am PST the "Horror Movies x Borderlands 3" crossover video will go live and its going to be a scary fun time. This leak item you are looking at is the "Porcelian Pipe Bomb Ultra Ball" aka the "Pennywise Terror Ultra Ball". This super special terror grenade mod is such a FUN HOUSE of Terror! So many hidden abilities like putting a spell on your enemies and controlling them, more will be explained in Friday's video. Don't get caught in this spellbind like Beverly Marsh from the movie "IT". It's time to time to fill the Borderlands 3 universe with some "Horror". SHOP will OPEN EARLY 8 hours before the video drops, so on 08/06/2020 at 11pm PST, it's first come first serve. Can't wait for you all to get your new handcrafted loot. <3

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