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Year 1 of Borderlands 3 has been AMAZING! Thank you guys for all your support. Before we get into Year 2 next week which will be some awesome and mindblowing NEW handcrafted loot and some special surprises. I wanted to take some extra time out of my day again to say Thank You and for your efforts. As a reward to any shopper in the shop since the shop opened, I'm selecting 2 winners to win this unique Maliwan Pistol Replica from the game. There were ONLY 500 made and I have 2 to giveaway. It's HUGE 1:1 scale and it's fully functional. It's also all elemental meaning you can switch between elements and the colors on the weapons changes to match their respective element AND just like in-game the magazine part actually spins when shooting this model alongside sounds from the game. It's soooooo kool. Winners will be contacted via email. Thank you again for all the support. After Year 2 of Borderlands 3 ends next year summer, I will be doing a MAJOR GIVEAWAY in the shop and YES! it will be electronics. The more you support in Year 2 in the shop when reopening and throughout the year, the BIGGER the Giveaways will be and the more I can giveback. Thank you for your time and let's start Year 2 off with a BANG! Love you all. <3

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