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Future is Looking Bright!

Hey Loves,

How is everyone doing? Just a couple of things (updates): (1) Looks like we are getting Year 2 of TTW with promises of a better experience, the shop will be supporting this (2) A lot of you have been asking for NEW BLS3 items and I'm happy to announce that the shop will be supporting new Borderlands 3 items and a full-year event starting January 2nd (3) Thank you for all the recent orders of TTW Services happy to deliver [I still have events planned for this game that I haven't launched yet waiting to see if I can bring a better and new experience in Year 2] (4) Thank you for all the support on my YT channel with the CODM content, if you would like to be in my videos for those shoutouts and to be highlighted in every video I highly suggest becoming a member as a backend support (you don't have to go so hard if you don't want to SILVER membership is more than enough) LINK:

Thank you so much for being here and shop will be updated soon with newer items. Have a great weekend. <3

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