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OMG! All orders will be 100% filled tonight. My nephew came over and is helping me to fill these orders and this is a perfect training experience for him on how to do logistics. This works out for all of us. I still get to keep my initial promise of all orders will be fulfilled 100% by Sunday night PST.

So what's next?

FRIGHT FEST! This Friday 08/07/2020 there's a new crossover coming between "Horror Movies x Borderlands 3". It's about to be a fun, wild, and scary experience for you and the enemies of Pandora and the other planets as we fill it with TERROR. This brand new unique experience will feature some of the instant classics as you can see from the teaser Easter Egg pic below. Can you spot the Easter Egg in this pic? I can already hear the music. It's about to be a fun and crazy fright fest in Borderlands 3. Spooky! Can't wait to show you more this coming Wednesday. Stay Tuned! <3

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