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FREE UPGRADED ITEMS! First of all, thank you all for your preorders on my items this weekend. I opened the store 2 days earlier this week to make sure everyone get what they would like. Everyone who purchased any of these items in the pic will get a FREE UPGRADE with their order. After more testing these items were a little more balanced for gameplay and I wanted to create that slight OP for FUN. So these items has been BUFFED to enhance your gameplay. Orders has started to roll out already, please continue to be patient as all orders will 100% be fulfilled by Sunday Night PST. At this point, I'm a developer patching items for your enjoyment. You will have an exciting weekend ahead of you with these builds. I've sent some orders out already and people are soooooooo happy with their new builds. They are really surprised of how much fun they are having with these new items that they ended up going back into the store and getting the other builds. I told you just give me a chance to prove myself and I'll do just that. Remember, I have your best interest in your fun in Borderlands 3. Keep in mind the only funky thing is the Air Gun image in your inventory other than that everything is PERFECT! I will never put out broken items or garbage. I will always take the necessary time to get it all right for you. Sleepless night and long days and ignoring life is to make sure you have the best most fun experience with my handcrafted loot. Talk soon, getting back to these orders. <3

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