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Hey guys, there was a new version of the Madoff Pyramid Scheme Grenade mod made, I had to go back and make a change to make it better. It needed more animations, colors, and damage. Don't worry everything I told you before what transpires with version 1 of this grenade mod still happens with version 2 just BETTER! Everyone who bought v1 of this BDAY Grenade Mod has received v2. Version 1 is obsolete. Anyone purchasing the BDAY Grenade Mod will receive the version 2. I will always go back and fix anything that's broken and make sure you get it for FREE! I will never put out garbage. Customer Service and your Fun Factor is what I take pride in to make sure you are always happy.

P.S. on the BDAY YouTube vid, that video will now be uploaded next Friday. I'm super swamped. I'm still editing the video and still working on graphics. I'm still sending all the VIP Loot Members their FREE JUG BDAY FAMZ Tizzy v2 this weekend as well on top of delivering your orders and making sure everyone get their orders by SUNDAY NIGHT PST. For one person doing all of this its beyond crazy but I will make sure you all get your items and orders FULFILLED! Love you guys to the FULLEST! <3

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Fuzzy Tattoo
Fuzzy Tattoo
Jan 09, 2021


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