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Dr. Strange ToM Special Event!

Hey Loves,

We will we having our 1st Special Event called “Dr. Strange and the Tinaverse of Madness” this coming weekend in the item shop. It’s loads of fun to be had.

If you haven’t seen “Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness” yet I highly suggest seeing it especially in IMAX 3D! This event will be based on that.

There will be lobby packages again for those that would like to experience “Chaos 35 Infinite Legendary Drops” again or would just like the items or both. Pricing will be the same as last week.

What can you expect? Well, how about some crazy madness of FUN! I have new weapons and other things you will want. Tons of items! But, we are focusing more on the spell side this weekend and OMG! I’m about to open your hearts to what can be done and how much fun could be had with these new packages!

Yes, there will be an Exclusive Magicial Cosmetic BCGSSS Class Mod that will have give your character an “Effervescent” skin!

I can’t wait to show you all more. Its an exciting weekend of items that you don’t want to miss in TTW!

P.S. Handcrafted Loot is still in the works for TTW and once the servers goes live for BLS3 full cross-play at the end of spring/summer there will be new Handcrafted Loot for BLS3 as well.

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