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What a time to be a Borderlands 3 fan, DLC 4 releases in less than 24 hours. The shop will be wiped and replaced with ALL NEW LEVEL 65 items. There will be about 20-25 new items in the shop this weekend to kick-off the NEW LEVEL 65 items. There will be NO BUNDLES, but I will discount everything more in the store for this WEEKEND ONLY, so you can mix and match as you please. I didn't know what you guys would like so I'm giving you the opportunity to mix and match more. THE SHOP REOPENS in 2 days, limited quantities on everything so it's first come, first serve. THE SHOP REOPENS this FRIDAY at 6pm PST time. I have some amazing new items for you, ALL NEW and ALL FUN! Video for these items will be uploaded on Saturday in a 2 part video, double uploads since there are so many new items. Can't wait for you to get these NEW ITEMS. Here is a sneak peak of the "Ninja Turtle" Level 65 Pistol. Can't wait to show you what it does? Talk soon. Love you all. -JUG <3

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