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Thank you guys for all the love and support this weekend and being patient as we got to you. All orders will 100% be delivered tonight. You all are beyond amazing that I've decided to keep the discounted prices and make it a permanent thing. I ran it by some of you guys in the DMs and you said, honestly they love the idea because, "it gives them more buying power", and they love that. I agree with you guys, it's more work for us but at the end of the day, it's all about you guys. This Friday's video will feature just 4 new items and we will restock on everything for this coming weekend starting on Thursday at 1pm PST. We are now back on schedule. Friday's video will feature the class mods, shield, artifact, and those 4 new items. Can't wait to show you more. Have a great rest of the week and know that Thursday when the shop reopens it's your time to mix and match as many items as you please for cheap cheap lol. Love you guys have a great rest of your night. <3

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