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Hey everyone. Hope everyone is doing well. I know I promised 100% Guaranteed delivery of your orders by Sunday night PST but some of your orders, not all, will be delayed until tomorrow (Monday) night PST. I had an unforeseen emergency. My girlfriend's car exploded due to extreme heat temperatures on her way to her doctor's appointment, her parents were also in the car. Everyone is okay but the car is totaled. This unforeseen emergency pushed me back a day. This won't ever happen again. Continuing on from Friday to Sunday, no one will have contact with me until Monday. I am dedicated to you guys and making sure you get your orders. I have trained my nephew to deliver orders but he won't be starting for another 2 weeks, he has more training to do. I am still a one-man-shop at this time. I am solely doing this at this time. Sorry about the delay of some of your orders as frustrating as it is for you, it is for me. Sorry for this inconvenience. Let me back back to these orders. Have a great day and thanks again for all the support. Much Love, Jug. <3

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