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Borderlands 3 New Content

Hey Loves,

The Shop is still 40%-60% off for TTW services. Not sure why the new "BlightCaller" class isn't out yet but Gearbox has been really pissing me off with content and the mismanagement of Tiny Tina Wonderlands. I know 95% of the Borderlands community really hate the state of that game right now and the developers holding back content and being quiet on roadmaps which there are none except the new playable character. We are only pissed off because we can feel the passion dying. The passion that died with Treyarch and how they killed the Zombies mode has now bled over to Gearbox. Like if they don't want to make games anymore or burned-out- they should just contact me or other passionate YouTubers/Streamers who care about the community and the games. I have a degree in 3D Animation and meet all the qualifications for a game developer, animator, and coding. I'm just really upset that the only thing keeping these games alive is the modding community. We are truly the best. Our passion for these games is why we should be hired and NEVER looked down upon.

Anyways, I will continue to feed you guys mods and fun items. Couple of things:

(1) Borderlands 3 - I made some amazing pearlescent weapons but when transferred to console it reverts to legendary so I had to scrap that. The reason is because pearlescent rarity coding is not in the base game of Borderlands 3. I also have some new bosses never before seen and super fun and was going to run lobbies so you guys can have tons of fun but the problem is that once you load in from console into my PC game you can't see the new maps or bosses and you can't go to the playable parts of the maps. LAME! There is so much more we can do with Borderlands 3. But the coding in the base game is so outdated that nothing cool works other than modding/creating items.

(2) Borderlands 2 - I'm seriously thinking of making new items for Borderlands 2 as well and adding it to the shop. Not sure how many of you still play that game. Just thinking.

(3) I will continue the TTW Services for now until I decide what next to do. The problem is number one always thinking of new and fun creative ways for you to experience these games but the limitations of console really sucks. But I will try my best to bring you all new content. I gotta keep working at it.

We will get there, just keep being patient, shop when you can, use your loot rewards to get more discounts, and I will continue to try to bridge this gap between lame and fun. Love you all and have a great rest of your weekend.

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