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BLACKOUT LOOT EVENT! OMG! as a SURPRISE I extended the BLACKOUT LOOT EVENT IN THE SHOP to almost 10 minutes. THE ENTIRE SHOP WAS FREE! This is some of you guys favorite shop and I thoroughly appreciate that. In that amount of time COMBINED you guys are getting 400 items for FREE lol. Okay, I will deliver all 400 ITEMS for FREE but first let me take care of the paying customers first since they have priority and I will send you guys for FREE the BLACKOUT LOOT between Sunday Night and Monday Night! This is another way for me to giveback! NO ONE IS DOING IT LIKE ME! I love you guys so much I'm working for FREE and gave away my ENTIRE SHOP for FREE lol! I just love you ALL! I will do some more of these BLACKOUT LOOT EVENT from time to time but you guys gotta support the shop and I can do more, more often! Love you all to the FULLEST! Happy Thanksgiving. Much Love, -JUG. <3 (BLACKOUT LOOT EVENT IN NOW OVER) If you missed it you can place your orders now.

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