AVATAR ACTION-SKILL (Handcrafted Action-Skill)

OMG! AVATAR ACTION SKILL! I was able to craft my own action-skill in Borderlands 3. This handcrafted action-skill taps into your character hidden special powers and pulls it out. Also, with this new action-skill I was able to give all characters siren-powers and enhance their own action-skills making it better and giving your characters a power they didn't even know they had. This new handcrafted action-skill, upon ASE to ANY of your character action-skill will auto activate the "Avatar Action-Skill" on top of your character's action-skill, it multiplies your action-skill. The Avatar Action-Skill throws out 4 elemental maliwan discs/orbs that shoots out your body and explodes into that element followed by a lightning bolt orb with elemental capabilities that also explodes while causing a constant nova blast around your character while ASE is active AND drops a healing rift. THIS IS BEYOND AMAZING! Also, the Avatar Action-Skill enhances your character own action-skills, for example:

1. Amara - Avatar Action Skill works with all Action-Skills giving more elemental animations and power and new abilities

2. FL4K - Avatar Action Skill works with all Action-Skills, for example Gamma Burst turns gives your pet a red lightning cloud that does elemental damage along with FL4K having a constant nova blast (his Siren mix)

3. Zane - Avatar Action Skill works with all Action-Skills, for example upon ASE AAS activates giving more drones and while on cooldown activates lightning bolt/orb again 2x in a row

4. Moze - Avatar Action Skill works with all Action-Skills, for example gives a copy of siren powers to Moze and Iron Bear, deals constant nova blasts while in Iron Bear, and major shield capacity

Avatar Action-Skill (AAS) works with all 5 new "Disney Villains x Borderlands 3" terror crossover items build #3. These are FULL BUILDS for each character. These builds and new items will be available in the shop, TODAY! There is sooooo much more to share with you guys like the "Reverse Animation All Elemental Grenade Mod" which is also apart of these builds. So many cool things to be had. YES!, this will also enhance your 4th-Skill Tree giving you more fun, diversity, and new experiences with my newly unique handcrafted items and builds. <3

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