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I'm currently delivering orders. It has come to my attention that those with the Season Pass still can't access "THE BAT SHIELD" only Ivy's Grenade Mod. I have rebuilt "THE BAT SHIELD" so this is "THE BAT SHIELD v2". Those that already has the old Bat Shield will get this new version for FREE! There is no difference in the old bat shield to the new bat shield in terms of red texts and hidden Easter Eggs and abilities. I've enhanced the new bat shield making it a little more powerful and added a few more anointments to further increase your fun. I've made this new version with a higher capacity, faster regen speed, and quicker regen delay. It's like a "BATMAN BEYOND" shield now. Again, this is version 2. Please continue to be patient as I promise I will get to everyone by Monday night PST time. Thanks again for all the love and support. <3

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