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ALL ORDER ARE NOW 100% FULFILLED! Thank you guys for all your support this weekend. This is normally routine with the shop. The shop opens on Thursday and closes Saturday night. All orders are delivered from Thursday to Sunday with 100% Guaranteed delivery by Sunday night PST time. I'm waiting back on one person to add me to deliver the last order other than that enjoy and have fun with your new items. This week we will be kicking off the NEW HALLOWEEN EVENT ITEMS, I'm excited to show you guys what we have new to come. Also, the "Avatar x Borderlands 3" event items will return in the shop this coming week just in case if anyone missed it this past weekend. BORDERLANDS 3 will also be kicking off their Halloween Event this Thursday. Double Halloween items for all of you in terror and fun. It's going to be such an EXCITING WEEKEND! Can't wait and have a great week. I'll leak some of my new halloween items this coming Wednesday to kick-off the start of your Halloween Terror/Fun Weekend! <3

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