Shop is now closed and restock will be this Thursday 12/31/2020 with your "New Years" items. All orders are 100% FULFILLED, all VIP Loot items are 100% FULFILLED, and all Blackout Loot items/orders are 100% FULFILLED. We are continuously working hard 24/7 round the clock. Thank you guys for it all, you are truly amazing. <3 If anyone is missing any items please use the contact or chat section in the shop. Thanks.

For reference, so what do I do from week to week and day to day. Creating items 4 days on average which includes content creation (some items takes months depending on what I'm working on like getting items into Arm's Race or Fusion Class Mods), testing, design, performance, TTK, balance formula, fun factor, and experience. Then I have to create graphics. Then I have to load all items on every console and PC that I have which are toooonnnnnssssss on many different accounts to get ready for delivery. Then I have to make the video; gameplay capture, edit, sound design, animations, commentary, render (sub: animations, has it's own design design production schedule to edit that, sound design, extra graphics, and render), then 2nd render after 2nd edit. Then thumbnail design. Then upload to YouTube in 4K60fps. All graphics and animations are in 4K60fps. Then it's delivering your orders. Then it's the customer service part of it (you know you who are, it's okay this is why we are here to provide the best items and best customer satisfaction as we possibly can). Then it's the social media throughout the week and daily. Then running special events. Upgrades to the Shop. All of this is double during the week for the VIP LOOT CHANNEL. We work around the clock 24/7, so please when we say be patient please be patient, we got you. Once your order is in, we will get to it backed by our 100% Guaranteed Delivery by Sunday Night PST time. Programs used: Final Cut X, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Maya, After Effects, Houdini, Nuke, other Software programs, and Office products (Excel to track inventory and data base for customers). Then, there's the financial aspect to it, making sure the statistics and analytics are on point, tracking, inventory, database, laws and taxes. This is ALL DONE by me week in and week out, day in and day out. Trust me when I say passion goes into this its 100% does. Love you guys. See you on New Years for our New Years 2021 event items. <3

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