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Thank you all for the support this weekend have fun with your new items :). All orders are now 100% delivered. See you this week as its the last week in October, Halloween is this Saturday. This week is so special because we will have the last of our terror items for a while. I saved the BEST for last. We are now entering the FINAL DESTINATION of the FRIGHT FEST! This week coming up will be your TERROR BUILDS #3 for all characters in this EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE "Disney Villains x Borderlands 3" crossover event. Can't wait to show you more this coming week. Stay Tuned! Have a great rest of your weekend. <3

P.S. For the "VIP LOOT MEMBERS", Halloween falls in the same weekend as November 1st, you will be receiving your "VIP LOOT and BONUS ITEM" this coming weekend as well. <3

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