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All orders has been 100% fulfilled with the exception of 4 people but I'm in contacts with them to finish delivering their orders. Sorry for the delay my goal is always Sunday night PST 100% delivery but sometimes we roll into Monday night PST with 100% delivery. We had a lot of new customers this weekend so dealing with customer service issues were at an all time high, but in the end everything worked out. Again, to move things smoothly and faster for everyone, please spell your PSN ID/Gamertag correctly the first time and please don't forget to enter you PSN ID/Gamertag at checkout. I spent 6 hours with 2 people alone because they had the wrong account. Nevertheless, we meant the goal and it makes me happy that everyone got their orders. Have tons of fun. The store will open this Thursday with new items along with the "Batman Villains" crossover again (this will be your last time to get it) just in case if you missed it last weekend. DLC 4 reveal tomorrow and I'm beyond excited. Love you guys to the fullest. Thanks for all the support. See you all on Thursday as we get into the next weekend items. Much Love. -JUG <3

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