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The "VIP Loot Program" is where EVILXJUG creates video content and uploads it here instead of YouTube to VIP members ONLY so that they can view an EXCLUSIVE handcrafted item once every month and VIP members will receive those items every 1st of the month for subscribing into the program.


-Monthly EXCLUSIVE handcrafted item

-Monthly BONUS weapon trinket or room decoration or weapon skin

-Sent automatically to you every 1st of the month

-Access to "VIP LOOT VIDEOS" ONLY seen here

-Supports Console and PC

-Cancel Anytime*



EVILXJUG wanted to create content on a dedicated website instead of YouTube and Twitch. The "subscribe button" here is the same as the "join" button on YouTube or the "sub" button on Twitch. The ONLY difference is that you are directly supporting EVILXJUG and his content here. There is no middle man. Just like Twitch has "Prime Loot Rewards", EVILXJUG's channel here has EXCLUSIVE handcrafted loot monthly rewards for his subscribers. The monthly loot rewards are called "VIP Loot items", you will receive these loot on the 1st of every month (2 items). The "VIP Loot items" won't be added to the main shop, the loot item is a unique item ONLY handcrafted for subscribers and as a BONUS you will receive either a weapon trinket, room decoration, or weapon skin. Don't worry EVILxJUG will still be uploading Borderlands 3 content on the main EVILxJUG YT channel weekly. This is just in addition to that. If you subscribe to this channel here on the shop, EVILxJUG truly thanks you.

What are VIP Loot Items?

-VIP Loot Items are specially handcrafted items that specs into every character anointments that specs into all character respective skill trees. These items can be used for every character in a single item. You will also receive a Weapon Trinket or Room Decoration or Weapon Skin as a BONUS for subscribing monthly as well.

*NO REFUNDS on subscriptions, your subscription must fall in-between or on the 1st of every month to receive the "VIP LOOT items". For example if you subscribe into the program on 10/21/2020 and you cancel on 10/25/2020 your subscription will still be active until 11/21/2020 with no additional charge, so you will still have access to the "VIP LOOT videos" and you will still receive your "VIP LOOT ITEMS" because your subscription still falls on the 1st. This is awesome for you because you still get all the rewards and benefits of being a subscriber because of when you actually subscribed, which is an additive benefit for you.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Please put your PSN ID/Gamertag/Shift ID[name] at checkout or send me a message in the shop contact/chat with info so that I can add you to the monthly subscription list so that I can send you your "VIP LOOT ITEMS" on the 1st of every month.

IMPORTANT: You are also subscribing into the next month. If you subscribe after the 2nd of each month you won't get the loot for the previous month. For example, if you subscribe on the 2nd of that month your next loot drop won't be until the 1st of the following month. Example #2: If you subscribe on November 2nd, you won't get November's "VIP LOOT ITEMS", your next loot drop will be on December 1st (which will be NEW "VIP LOOT ITEMS" we don't go backwards, only forward.

**All "VIP LOOT ITEMS" will be matched to the current game's highest difficulty/scale of the game. Currently, the scale of the game is Mayhem 10. So, your "VIP LOOT ITEMS" are hybrid scaled for TVHM Mayhem 10/Mayhem 11.